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KN - Yarramarra

Mr A Nguyen


KN are a dynamic group of learners who have embraced learning with open arms.

We were a bit nervous at the start of the year but were braved as we waved goodbye to our parents and caregivers as we entered the classroom. We quickly adapted to the routine of school and made new friends. Before too long, we were learning our sounds and using this knowledge to read and write. Storytime and developmental play are always welcomed in KN.

In mathematics, we learnt all about two-digit numbers. We were taught how to say the numbers, write the numbers, and represent the numbers as tens and ones. There was a lot of excitement each day as we counted to the first fifty days of school and then to one hundred days of Kindergarten.

Soon after, we entered remote learning and proved to be resilient learners as we learnt how to navigate the world of Seesaw and Zoom. The activities during Zoom were engaging and hands-on. Science proved to be a popular subject as it allowed us to make our own toys with moving parts. Remote learning also gave us the opportunity to work towards our badges for the ‘Wrapped up in learning challenge’. There has been a lot of cooking and baking (lots of delicious cakes), exercising, completing jigsaw puzzles and planting flowers and food. It has been a big learning curve for us and our teachers.

We are excited about returning to school to our teachers and friends.