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1C - Midjuburi

Ms G Cromack



How can we explain the year that has been 2021 so far?

1C students have been hardworking through all the experiences this year! They have embraced new learning and enjoyed working as a class!

The students in 1C approached the new remote learning experience with tenacity, resourcefulness and bravery! We were excited to try something new, however, we have missed seeing our friends each and every day!

In Maths, we developed our number skills daily and worked on our addition and subtraction strategies. We enjoyed going on shape and object hunts around our houses and were resourceful with counting objects! We have enjoyed using money at home to answer maths questions and really liked learning about time!

In English, we had been developing our imaginative writing skills and enjoyed writing descriptions of book characters. Reading groups were always fun! When beginning English in remote learning, we developed our skills in persuasive writing! We enjoyed trying to persuade our teacher to buy toys we had designed, understanding how to pick a point of view and using high modality to make our writing convincing!

We embraced our artistic and creative skills throughout remote learning. Students in 1C developed their skills in research, presentation, ICT and visual arts design! The Great Barrier Reef was the topic explored throughout science and geography and this was also linked to our art and design activities.

The Wrapped in Learning Challenge was been a great way for students to explore what special talents they have! Students did cooking, gardening, puzzling, learning yoga and developing their independence!

We are excited to be in Term 4, knowing we are close to graduating Year 1!

The students should be so proud of themselves!

See you all soon!