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KC - Baragula

Miss C Chabros



Our first year of school and what an adventure we have had! We really enjoyed getting to know each other and have formed solid friendships. By the end of Semester One, we became experts at school and classroom routines and had worked hard on being safe, respectful and active learners.

Semester Two has been a different sort of adventure as we have been learning from home with the incredible support of our families. The Kindergarten teachers have prepared lots of fun and hands-on learning tasks for us every week, and we have posted these onto Seesaw for Miss Chabros. We have enjoyed seeing our classmates over Zoom and listening to Ms Gavin reading stories to us.

In writing this semester we have been developing our recount and informative writing skills, and we have learnt a lot about Australian animals along the way! Now that we have developed a good foundation of single sound knowledge, we have been learning digraph sounds and are feeling more confident to sound out words we don’t know how to spell. We love being risk-takers with our writing and learning from our mistakes. Having a growth mindset will be a continued focus for Term 4.

We have done lots of wonderful work in maths, particularly strengthening our concepts of whole numbers. This semester we have been developing our knowledge of multiplication and division using hands-on activities and drawing pictures. We are getting very good at forming equal groups and counting to find the total number of objects in a collection.

The Wrapped in Learning Challenge has been a fantastic learning experience that many of us have engaged in whilst learning from home. We have loved learning new skills such as cooking/baking, folding laundry to help our parents, taking care of plants, using our problem-solving skills to complete jig-saws and build Lego masterpieces, bird-watching, yoga, skipping, learning about the Solar System, recycling and re-purposing, and much more!

We are very eager to get back into our classroom and make more memories together in Term 4.