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Student welfare

Student welfare

Student welfare is underpinned by quality learning programs where all students are successful and are supported in their learning.

Key student welfare programs:

Foster Buddies

The Foster Buddies program takes place in the second half of Term 1 each year. Each Kindergarten student is paired with a buddy or buddies from a Stage 3 class. Where possible 1-2 students are paired with a student from a Stage 2 class.

The five-week program involves classes meeting once each week for at least 40 minutes to work together on activities from all Key Learning Areas. Foster Buddies also meet at different times throughout the year for a range of formal and informal activities, including Peer Support sessions.

Social Skills (URStrong)

The 'URStrong' social skills program takes place in the first half of Term 1 each year and is continuously referred to throughout the school year. TheĀ URStrong program helps kids establish and maintain healthy relationships, manage conflict with kindness, and increase their overall resilience.