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A new direction for fundraising

At the P&C meeting on 18 February 2015, the P&C discussed a new direction for fundraising.

Traditionally fundraising at Abbotsford public school has provided a way not only to raise funds and support the School but has also fostered a greater sense of community where families have the opportunity to be further involved in their children's educational experience.

However a perennial issue for fundraising has always been recruiting people willing to coordinate activities. While many wonderful families in the Abbotsford school community have over several years assisted in numerous ways including sponsorship/donations and at events, many have not been able (for any number of reasons) to commit at an organisational level.

At an organisational level, volunteer commitment is a valued but finite resource. Such a resource also needs to be replenished from time to time if activities of this nature are to continue. At the present time through fundraising and other resources, the P&C has a healthy balance of funds available for the School to use.

Accordingly a valid question arises whether the P&C should seek to fundraise at all this year from amongst the community or instead to use this year as an opportunity to explore a different model.

External funding group (aka the "Grants Group")

The P&C has resolved to set up and trial an external funding group. This group would target funding opportunities from external community/corporate/government grants rather than as traditional fundraising.

An encouraging number of parents have expressed interest in being involved in this way (along with a School representative and P&C executive representative). Those with experience in this area are very welcome to contribute their knowledge base to this group (see contact details below).

School community events group (SCEG)

We do not want to lose the other benefits from traditional fundraising, such as the general fostering of the school community and opportunities for families to meet and mingle.

Such events do not run themselves though, so this year is also an opportunity for those new to fundraising or the school to have a go at coordinating a school community event (with the mentoring and assistance of those who have done it for many years).

Important school community events run in the past, which are not primarily for fundraisers but still make a modest profit, include: Mothers' Day /Fathers' Day stalls, BBQs in association with elections or school discos (end of terms 2 & 4), movie nights, parent social nights and so on.

Alternatively if there is interest in pursuing the traditional events which raise significant amounts, then parents are also invited to step up to coordinate these, such as the Sportathon or other events.

Without new coordinators to run them, events of this nature will not happen this year.

Expressions of interest

If you are interested in coordinating an event, Individuals, groups of parents or classes are invited to send an expression of interest and the event or idea (new ideas welcome!) which you would be happy to coordinate to: