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Parent Testimonials

"It is great for the children to go to a school where there is such a positive culture of participation in extra-curricular activities and developing themselves as all-rounders."
- Parent of Year 3 and 5 students

"I chose Abbotsford PS as I feel it had a good balance of academic achievement, great facilities and a good community feel."
- Parent of Kinder and Year 2 student

Abbotsford PS offers ‘A Rich learning Environment' combining the key areas of Literacy and Numeracy with an extensive range of important learning opportunities for your child.

Our students are safe, happy and successful in an environment of high expectations and strong community support.

Key Areas

  • Extensive school grounds and well resourced leaning environment
  • Recognised leadership in Programs for students in Computer Technology and Music
  • Quality learning programs for all students
  • Inclusive school community characterised by strong parental support and involvement

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Extensive school grounds and well-resourced learning environments

Our Extensive school grounds feature exploratory gardens, quiet areas, school oval and handball/hopscotch areas. Garden areas have seen major development over the last few years with plantings of native ground covers, shrubs and trees across the entire school. This work has been co-ordinated by the Grounds Committee and supported by a number of Environmental Trust grants and City of Canada Bay support.

Before and After School Care is on site and operated by a parent committee under Out of School Hours (OOSH) guidelines.

A Healthy Canteen is open every day and is very popular with students and staff.

All classrooms and Learning spaces are air-conditioned which makes for a very comfortable learning environment across the entire school.

Our excellent School Library has an extensive collection of fiction, non-fiction and internet resources and is supported by a Library Fund. Donations to the Library Fund are tax deductible.

The Henry Lawson Community Hall is used for K-6 assemblies and as a performance space. In even years our school presents a K-6 School Musical involving every student in a 90 minute performance.

The entire school is networked with wireless access from all classrooms to internet, email and the school computer network. Students participate in a variety of web quests and e-learning projects as well as research using the internet with clear guidelines for appropriate use.

Currently, all classrooms, the staffroom and library have an Interactive Whiteboard which is used to facilitate and enhance lessons. Most IWBs are also able to be used with erasable whiteboard markers as an added feature. The boards started to be installed midway through 2010 and were funded by the P&C and local businesses.

Our extensive Music Program has a Music Specialist who provides a 40 minute music lesson each week.

The Band Program has a Combined Ensemble, String Ensemble and Rock Band with weekly rehearsals. Individual and small group instrument tutorials for students take place each week at school and are held out of school hours.

Regular performance opportunities are provided at open events including Grand Friends' Day (Term 2), Education Week (Term 3) and Presentation Day (Term 4).

Quality learning programs

Our school features a strong Core Learning emphasis across the 6 Key Learning Areas of :

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Technology
  • Human Society and Its Environment
  • Creative and Practical Arts
  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education.

Our students achieve excellent state wide test performance with Literacy and Numeracy Basic Skills results (Year 3 and Year 5) consistently above the state average.

Our school is an acknowledged leader in Computer Technology Programs for students (see above).

Every student K-6 learns Italian as part of their weekly program. This community language program features aspects of written and spoken language as well as aspects of culture.

Learning support is provided in literacy and numeracy. Program delivery is monitored by the Learning Support Team.

Student Welfare Programs including, Foster Buddies, Peer Support, Anti-Bully, Code of Behaviour, Student Recognition and White Ribbon are a very important part of our programs.

Our innovative Student Leadership Program including Student Representative Council K-6 and elected Student Leaders (Yr 6) results from student voting for their representatives.

Extensive Extra Curricular focus is central to our rich learning environment with Choirs, Dance Groups, Debating, Representative Sport (Netball, Soccer, Touch Football, AFL, Softball and Cricket) Public Speaking Competition, Chess Club, Art Club and Robotics.

Inclusive school community

Our school community of students, staff and parents have developed an inclusive and welcoming environment where there are extensive opportunities for Parental Involvement including P&C, School Council, Classroom Helpers (Reading, Diary Writing, Maths Groups)

Important P&C Committees include Uniform Shop, Fundraising, Grounds and Canteen

Regular communication with the school community occurs through the Fortnightly Newsletter, Student Progress Reports (June and December), Parent Information Evenings, Parent Teacher Interviews and this School Website.

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