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Inclusive learning support

NSW public schools are well prepared to support students with disability and additional learning and support needs and staff are ready to answer your questions.

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Learning support at Abbotsford PS

Abbotsford Public School employs a full time Learning and Support Teacher (Mrs Weeks) who works closely with the Wellbeing Team to provide programs and strategies for students who require additional support for learning and/or behavioural needs. Their role is integral in the school, supporting and ensuring that all students have equity of access to the curriculum.

In their role, the Learning and Support Teacher:

  • Supports teachers with planning appropriately for students with additional needs.
  • Encourages a growing understanding of the specific needs of students by all teachers and assists in the development of skills relating to these needs.
  • Collaboratively works with teachers in the development of documented plans such as Personalised Learning and Support Plans (PLaSPs), Adjustment Plans, Behaviour Support Plans and Behaviour Response Plans. These are reviewed on a term basis.
  • Helps with classroom observations, assessments and consultations with parents to identify specific needs and strategies to address them.
  • Implements and monitors the MultiLit Reading Program for targeted students in Years 3-6.
  • Implements and monitors the MiniLit Reading Program for targeted students in Years 1 and 2.
  • Implements and monitors the MacqLit Reading Program for targeted students in Years 4-6.
  • Plays an integral part in day-to-day classroom activities to ensure differentiation for all students is supported.
  • Liaises with parents and external provider services to ensure a connection between school and home.
  • Liaises with the LIN group and attends meetings to develop goodwill and cooperation between the parent group and the school.

Learning and Inclusion Network (LIN)

LIN is a sub-committee of the APS P&C dedicated to providing support and information for families and carers whose child or children have diverse learning needs (educational and/or social). These needs may result from neurological/behavioural conditions such as ADHD, ASD (autism), anxiety, dyslexia or dysgraphia.

What they do:

  • Connect families/carers with other families/carers who have a shared experience
  • Share resources and information about therapeutic providers, helpful hints and diagnostic pathways
  • Work closely with the APS Wellbeing Team to understand resource requirements and need
  • Advocate for resource funding with a remit of making every classroom an inclusive classroom.

They cannot offer professional advice but they can share their collective knowledge to help families navigate the path to finding the right support.

How to Connect with LIN

Whether it’s a one-off quick query or more involved support, they’d love to hear from you.

  • Follow their private Facebook group: LIN APS
  • LIN has periodic meetings.  To join the mailing list and learn about upcoming meetings, email