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In NSW primary schools, the study of a language is optional.

Language study allows students to develop communication skills, learn about languages as systems and explore the relationship between language and culture. Students engage with the linguistic and cultural diversity of societies and reflect on their understanding of social interactions.


All students K-6 have weekly lessons as part of the Italian Language Program. The lessons feature aspects of written and spoken language as well as cultural aspects.

Italian is taught throughout the school by the school's Italian teacher, Signora Wilkins. She teaches the Italian language and culture through rhymes, songs and language games. The program is organised so that each year level has a particular theme per term.

Themes taught are chosen for relevance, usefulness and appropriateness to age level. Lessons focus on activities that encourage both oral and written language use. In order to encourage maximum participation and enjoyment amongst students, learning in the classroom occurs through a combination of language games as well as more traditional methods.

An example of a terms program is set out below.

  • Early Stage 1: "Come stai" Students will be able to express how they feel in Italian. Introduce themselves by saying their name and sing a song "Come ti chiami?"
  • Stage 1: "i giorni della settimana" Students will be able to state the days of the week in Italian. Sing "Dammi lu,lu,lu" and count to 100 by tens.
  • Stage 2: "Come Sono" Students will be able to describe their own physical characteristics in Italian. They will be able to express their hair and eye colour in Italian. They will also be able to describe their classmates using adjectives covered in this unit of work.
  • Stage 3:"Che ore sono" Students will be able to tell the time in Italian. They will also be able to express various activities and routines and at what times they are performed.