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5/6D - Marragawan

Mrs A Divis



Who would have thought that after the end of Term 2 class auction, with many happy customers wisely spending their hard-earned Divis Dollars and taking home their loot, our way of learning would change again?

I am so proud of how we all adapted so quickly and kept the ball rolling. The Zooms kept us connected and I was humble enough to accept defeat at 2 pm each day with trivia topics, not of my generation!

Both teachers and students became creative in the lessons we provided and the amazing responses we received, gaining an insight into the hidden talents of many of my students. From musical productions to drama photography and infomercials. I was challenged to solve online coding quizzes designed by students who helped each other overcome technical hurdles.

Group work was a highlight as students craved working together and they produced informative and polished PowerPoints to reflect their knowledge of the study of primary industries and sustainable farming. Who knew that cow poo could start a chain reaction for sustainable energy or that aquaponic farming could be produced in a desert!

This knowledge from their science topic, paired with the study of how people influence the environment and geographical changes will lead to environmental leaders of the future. They will draw from their study of persuasive writing to produce convincing arguments with high modality language, explained clearly with evidence-based research. Debaters of the future!  

Remote learning may have kept us away, but fingers have been typing frantically and mathematical minds have worked in overdrive to solve problems, conversions, percentages, fractions, areas, finances and more!

Students have proven again how resilient they are, and that remote learning is just another form of learning. That’s enough though! They are all ready to be reunited with their friends and end the year at school with some fun activities, experiments and bad jokes.

I am looking forward to being reunited. I am so proud of how 5/6D have worked together and supported each other.