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Library - Banda

Miss K Gavin


Congratulations to all the clever Abbotsford students who quickly adapted to learning and refined their library skills, through the use of technology, during remote learning.

In particular, Stage 2 and 3 students successfully completed a series of tasks that required them to develop their research skills. Kindergarten and Stage 1 students made their own books and shared photos of the book-related activities they had been doing at home. Such cuteness!

Even though we haven’t been able to physically supply books to our children, we have been very clever and found many new ways to ensure children are reading and listening to quality literature.

Term 4 will bring about the return of all library books which students borrowed so… long… ago. It’s time to start looking behind the lounge, amidst the bookshelves – anywhere a library book may be hiding. We will do our very best to ensure students can safely borrow new treasures to take home and read.

I can’t wait to see all the happy little faces when I move from classroom to classroom to deliver library lessons during Term 4.

Best wishes from Princess Gavin