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1PB - Buran

Mrs F Posker-Hill & Ms M Barron



What a fun and eventful year we have had to date. Mrs Posker-Hill and Ms Barron are constantly amazed by how far we have come and the level of interest and enthusiasm we show towards new challenges and concepts.

Semester 2 has been a roller coaster and whilst we have enjoyed the opportunity to spend more time with our families, we are eager to get back to our classroom and make some more memories together in Term 4.

This term, we are focussing on imaginative writing and are currently learning how to ‘hook’ our reader by creating interesting and engaging story starters. We are going to be creating our own very spoon characters and designing shoebox dioramas to inspire our writing.

In maths, we are revising our multiplication and division knowledge through the use of hands-on games and activities. We are getting very good at forming equal groups and are learning to skip count to find the total number of items in a collection. This term, we will also be exploring time, money and fractions.

We thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Great Barrier Reef last term and the impact of global warming, pollution and the crown of thorns starfish. A highlight of the unit was getting to design and build our own machines out of recyclable materials to help the reef. This term, we are excited to be learning about the mangroves in our local area.  

Term 4 is going to be full of exciting activities and we can’t wait to explore them together.