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5/6P - Birrong

Miss A Peang



It’s nearing the end of an interesting semester and what an eventful year it has been so far! We started semester 2 with the news that once again, we would be remote/online learning. So, for the next term and a half, Zoom and Google Classroom became our virtual classroom.

We stayed connected via Google Classroom, often sharing riddles and jokes, sharing pictures of our furry friends and asking each other silly poll questions. Would you rather be an immortal or a demigod? Coco Pops or Fruit Loops?

This semester, 5/6P have been studiously working to develop our persuasive writing skills. We have learnt about what makes a convincing persuasive text, including things such as strong arguments, facts and statistics and high modality. We have also learnt about informative texts too. 

In maths, we have been learning about many familiar and unfamiliar concepts. It has been fun learning fractions, decimals and percentages and BODMAS and we also learnt how to read different types of graphs too.

Our geography topic for this semester is ‘Factors that Shape Places’. We have been learning about how people change the natural environment in Australia and other places around the world. We looked at the way people influence the characteristics of places and the management of spaces.

5/6P have learnt some amazing facts in science through the topic ‘Hungry Like a Wolf’. We learnt about how and why food and fibre are produced in sustainably managed environments. We also learnt about changes in the Earth’s surface caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis!

These are just a couple of the learning experiences we have participated in, and as you can see, it has been a busy and productive year.